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In 2016, I introduced a three-point plan to secure the future of Anderson County. With the help of leaders and families in our community, our initial goal has been realized - in the last four years we have dramatically reduced burglaries, and violent crime. I am proud to say that our neighborhoods are safer today than when I first took office. Since 2016, overall crime is down in Anderson County by 26%, but there is still much work left to be done. Below is the original three-point plan and our accomplishments over the past four years. 



  • Reduce response times and create a crime deterrent presence by increasing patrols throughout the county to target problem areas.

    • Created strategic, geographical patrol areas based on call volume; and

    • Created proactive units to target high-crime areas based on statistical analysis and citizen concerns: Street Narcotics and Directed Patrol Units

  • Create an investigative unit focused on repeat criminals and offenders to reduce their ability to repeat crimes again and again.

    • Created Major Crimes Unit to address future victimization; and

    • Created Fugitive Investigative Unit to apprehend fleeing and repeat offenders.

  • More boots on the streets and less butts in the seats mentality. (Presence = Deterrence)

    • ​Increased enforcement personnel within Uniform Patrol, Investigations, Narcotics, and Direct Patrol Units.

  • Reduce crime across Anderson County​.

    • Since 2016, overall crimes are down 26%​;

    • Violent crimes are down 23%;

      • Murders are down 33%, robberies are down ​30%, and aggravated assaults are down 26%;

    • Property crimes are down 26%;​

      • Burglaries are down 38%, motor vehicle thefts are down 16%, and larcenies are down 25%.  


  • Operate sheriff’s office like a business, not like a wasteful government. Be fiscally accountable and a good steward of tax dollars.

    • ​Collaborated consistently with the Anderson County Finance Department to ensure budgetary compliance and fiscal responsibility, consistently resulting in agency surplus rather than deficit.

  • Reduce command staff by half and eliminate non-essential personnel positions to reduce budget and be able to refocus spending for law enforcement priorities.

    • Command Staff reduced by 50%.

    • Reallocated resources to increase and enhance enforcement personnel positions.

  • Stop the high turnover rates and allow officers and employees to build lasting careers. Invest in officer retention instead of spending a fortune on repetitive recruiting and training.

    • Participated with Anderson County in a Wage and Compensation Study to ensure fair and equitable personnel allocation and compensation;

    • Implemented a new, more selective recruiting and hiring process;

    • Developed an enhanced the Field Training Program;

    • Developed and implemented a Pay Step Plan to compensate for performance and time of service;

    • Reinvented the ACSO Sheriff’s Foundation; and

    • Developed and implemented a standardized promotion process.


  • Rezone how the deputies are positioned throughout the county to provide better response.  The sheriff’s office should provide a “first line of defense” for residents of Anderson County.

    • ​Transitioned from previously utilized four region concept to a nine beat geographical patrol zone strategy addressing call volume and community need. 

  • Allow officers to be assigned and stay within a region that they can develop relationships with the residents where they work.  This creates a better morale for the officers and more confidence for the people they serve.

    • Personnel assigned to a specific patrol zone to build area familiarity and knowledge, translating to proven results and positive community interactions; and

    • Citizen feedback reflects appreciation and satisfaction with agency visibility and professionalism.

  • Force drug dealers out of our county and refuse to allow drugs to be so accessible to our communities and schools.  Be proactive to block drug trafficking with aggressive crime enforcement interdiction teams.

    • Increased personnel related to narcotics enforcement;

    • Prioritized trafficking investigations to dismantle illegal substance supply; and

    • Implemented Interdiction Unit to disrupt incoming/outgoing illegal substance supply.  

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