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My Plan:

In 2016 and 2020, I campaigned on plans to secure the future of Anderson County. I have a proven record of getting results for Anderson County. 


The rates and records speak for themselves: our community is safer. Since 2016, we have dramatically reduced burglaries, and violent crime in our County. But, there is certainly still more work to be done. I'm fully prepared to continue making Anderson County a safer place to live, work, and raise your family.



Robbery Down 42%
Increased Deputy Pay
Nearly Doubled Uniform Patrol
Created Traffic Safety Unit
Violent Crime Decreased
Highest Burglary Rate Now Down 54%
Expanded Narcotic Unit
Created Community Patrol Unit
The Criminal Investigations Division solved 100% of murder cases in the last year.

Community Outreach: 

- Free Women's Defense Classes

- Free Safety Assessments for Businesses

- Free Active Shooter Training for Businesses, Churches, Etc. 

- Created "Operation: No Angel Left Behind;" a mission to help connect kids with Christmas presents who otherwise wouldn't get any.

- Solidified relationships nationally with networks to highlight community policing and transparency. ACSO now appears on The Oxygen Channel, COPS, and A&E.

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