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2020 Vision

My family and I love Anderson County and the people who live here. In fact, that is what led to me run for Sheriff in the first place. Prior to my election, Anderson County was famous nationally but for some of the wrong reasons - we were ranked 13th in the nation for per capita burglaries. 

I promised to reduce crime rates and make our county safe again. I am proud to say that since my 2016 election, total crime has decreased by 26%. My first move was to get officers out from behind desks and put more boots on the streets to deter crime and improve response times when crimes are committed.
We’ve eliminated non-essential and wasteful command staff positions at the Sheriff’s Office and added more deputies to patrol and protect Anderson County families. These changes combined with more community policing have led to a dramatic decrease in overall crime rates.
With the help of leaders and families in our community, our initial goal has been realized - in the last four years we have dramatically reduced burglaries, and violent crime. I am proud to say that our neighborhoods are safer today than when I first took office, but there is still much work left to be done.

Below are some areas where I believe we can improve further in 2021 and beyond. Thank you for your support in keeping our community safe.


Informed Enforcement 

  • Prioritize community crime information and allocate resources and officer’s time to prevent crime

  • Track officer performance to improve both individual and agency performance

  • Re-Evaluate patrol routes consistently to maximize community safety and minimize response time

Engaged Communities 

  • Prioritize community interaction and neighborhood safety

  • Work with communities to identify and solve public safety concerns

  • Provide a forum on ACSO applications for citizens to stay informed and report issues


Modernized Procedures 

  • Replace out-of-date technology to increase effective use of officer man hours

  • Modernize systems to ensure officer and citizen safety when responding to active crime scenes

  • Automate procedures and paperwork to minimize officer desk time and keep more boots on the streets

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