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Anderson Co. crime drops, no longer on “Most Dangerous Places” list

ANDERSON CO., SC (WSPA) – Crime in your community is always a topic being discussed on social media. In years past “The Safewise Report” naming the top 30 most dangerous places in America was included in these conversations and for the first time in three years, Anderson is not on the list.

The crime statistics in Anderson County back up the report. In fact, Anderson is listed in the top three most improved areas from last year. Under Sheriff Chad McBride’s leadership, murder is down 44 percent, burglaries are down 28 percent, and drug arrests are up 65 percent.

McBride credits the improvement by having a larger narcotics team, more deputies patrolling the communities, and help from the residents of the county.

“Here’s a suspicious vehicle, here’s a tag number we got, here’s a description of a male going through our neighborhood and sometimes we can get overwhelmed by that but it really helps us,” McBride said.

But most of the places on this list are smaller cities that’s because the FBI statistics are measured on a per capita basis on both property and violent crimes. The only city in South Carolina to make the list this year is Myrtle Beach, it’s been in the top five for the last several years.

To read the full list click here.

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