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Over 100 pounds of cocaine confiscated in Anderson Co.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office said one of the largest cocaine busts in Anderson County history took place on March 15.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the criminal interdiction unit executed a traffic stop along I-85 and pulled over a Nissan SUV. Inside, deputies found duffle bags full of cocaine stuffed into the backseat.

Sheriff McBride said Marina Natanova was in charge of transporting the drugs and charged with her with failing to maintain a lane and trafficking cocaine 400 grams or more.

She was taken to the Anderson County Detention Center where she currently is being kept.

“Our deputies try to get as many drugs off our streets every day and it carries over onto the Interstate,” Sheriff McBride said. “Regardless of whether the final destination of these drugs is Anderson County or our neighboring communities, it always leads to more crime.”


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